Dear Ramadhan..

I think you still remember when I was in tears the last time I had to let you go..

That was bcoz I felt that our togetherness completed me..

..it made me grateful of who I am and who I am not..

..it made grateful for every second Allah gives me to be spent with you protecting the most precious thing in my entire life..

O Ramadhan..

Today, Amazingly, I felt extremely happy just by imagining that you’re going to knock on my door soon..


..that the light of your dawn gives a glimpse of how my beautiful day is gonna be..

..that your warmth banishes the coldness in my heart..

..that the heat or your hectic day makes me realize how your love is worth fighting for..

..that your tranquillity silences the noise in my head..

..that your sunset provides me a satisfaction about how meaningful my day was..

My Ramadhan..

Sometimes I wonder why Allah doesn’t give me a chance to be with you the whole year..

Then I realised, I am not a perfect man/women.. I am even far from good..


HE knows that I might not appreciate you as much as I do now.. HE knows that I might take you for granted or even disrespect you..

But you know what??

Given a chance to hug and embrace you for thirty days is definitely more than enough for me.. It is definitely better than nothing at all..

O my Ramadhan..

I really want to meet you..

May Allah unite us soon..

nb : Copas dari GRUP KMO 6


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